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La Vojo Returne – new project announcement


This is the Esperanto title of the book Der Weg Zurück (The Road Back), a first edition translation of the novel by German author Erich Maria Remarque. It is commonly regarded as the sequel to his 1929 novel All Quiet on the Western Front.

Its most salient feature is the main characters’ pessimism about contemporary society which, they feel, is morally bankrupt.

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Cambridge Rules 1848, book laser dummy, spine detail


We are reaching the point in the project where the final stone will be installed in Egypt and the book can be printed and published. There will be more images and announcements about this shortly.

This image shows the extent of the publication, 800pp in 32pp sections. It will be exposed bound, so I’ve been experimenting with adding details to the sections that can be read once bound. It will be a miniature scale version of the sculpture with a sleeve. Here, the sections have been squeezed between two pieces of sample stone for the sculpture.



A recent glass negative purchase with next year’s Mid Pennine Arts commission ‘Fellowship of the Wheel’ in mind.

A declaration as part of the occasional series I AM …