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#historiesbuildingfutures: Old Town Hall, Oldham

When a building becomes lost to a town – especially at its centre, a part of the town’s social memory is forgotten, we are reawakening this memory of a ‘place’. Along with interior photographs of the building that touch on past histories, Ward and Dubowitz explore this relationship.

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A collaboration with Dan Dubowitz that revealed stories about the building and the community of Oldham. This culminated in a large-scale exterior projection and outdoor gallery of work.

Based around the idea of history building futures, this series of photographs explored the heart of Oldham – its Old Town Hall – the people who worked there, passed through it or were touched in some way by it. Alan Ward, with the help of the Oldham Chronicle, invited people to come forward with stories or objects in their keeping that related to the building.

In conjunction with Oldham College each subject of a portrait has also been interviewed to record their stories.